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Thank you for donating to our local GOP. We pledge to use every penny to advance the causes that we share. None will be wasted, but put into the campaigns and activities that grow the Republican party and spread the word of limited, constitutional government, personal responsibility and liberty.

Please use the Pay Pal button below to make your donation. We must ask for your name and address for reporting purposes and to comply with campaign finance law. The PayPal form will have fields for this information.

Contribute Securely with PayPal below:

Donate to HD52A
(coming soon…)
(Mendota, Lillydale, Northern Mendota Heights, West St. Paul, and South St. Paul)

Donate to HD52B
(Inver Grove Heights, Sunfish Lake, Southern Mendota Heights, Northern Eagan)

For special instructions, include a comment below with your email address. Comments posted here do not appear on the web site.

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