Senate District 52 Republicans May Newsletter

Senate District 52 Republicans Newsletter

Renewable Energy at the Legislature

– Governor Walz and the DFL House want to save the planet by committing Minnesota to a plan to move power generation to renewable energy sources.  Of course the Democrats do not want to use the two proven carbon-free energy sources – nuclear and hydro power.  The cost impact on Minnesotans will be enormous – one study indicates that each household will pay an additional $1,200 a year through 2050.  And the impact on the global climate will be invisible.  You can get more information at these links:

Upcoming Summer Events – The Senate District 52 BPOU’s for Districts 52A and 52B will both be participating in community events this summer and will need volunteers.  We will keep you posted and give you links so that you can become active in the process.
HD52A Meeting on June 6th – Adam Seidel on Energy Policy – The HD52A BPOU will have a meeting on June 6th at 6:30 PM with guest speaker Adam Seidel from the Minnesota Conservative Energy Forum.  The location is the Gateway Christian Church, 5300 South Robert Trail in Inver Grove Heights.  The meeting will address other business topics – see the notice at the link below – and all interested voters from 52A are welcome.

Volunteer to be a Mentor – Here is a completely nonpartisan opportunity for you to have an impact on a young person who needs a role model.  Hands On Twin Cities is an organization that can help you find a volunteer opportunity in an area that interests you.  If you are interested in mentoring young people in Dakota County there is a meeting in Eagan on May 21st – complete information at this link:

The DFL and the Gas Tax – Governor Walz and the DFL House want to increase the gas tax and vehicle registration fees.  Their proposal would give us the fourth highest state gas tax in the nation.  The stated purpose is to pay for road and bridge maintenance, but Republicans think that can be done with money already available in the general fund.  You can get more information at this link:

The Legislature Proposes a New Standard for Sex Education – The House has passed an education bill that includes a new mandate for sex education in the public schools.  The legislation requires the Secretaries of Education and Health to develop a model plan which will include instruction on sexual preference, gender identity and will provide students with information about local resources where they may obtain medical information and services.  The bill will allow school districts to use third parties to provide the training.  Planned Parenthood supports the legislation.  The first link below is a State House description of the legislation, and the second link is Planned Parenthood’s information.

If Planned Parenthood’s site doesn’t persuade you that this is a bad idea look at this description of the material already being used.

Contact your Legislators – If you are a Republican you are likely to have strong feelings about one or more of the issues listed above.  And you may have more issues of your own.  Well you should contact your legislators and give them your opinion.  Unfortunately we District 52 Republicans have only Democrats in office this year – but you should still tell them what you think.  The email addresses for Matt Klein, Rick Hansen and Ruth Richardson are listed below.  Be clear and direct in making your point – but also be polite.  And you can ask for them to reply and explain their positions.; http://rep.rick.hansen@house.mn

Meet Doug Wardlow – The 1st Judicial District Republican Committee is hosting Doug Wardlow on Tuesday, May 21st and you are invited to hear him speak about current issues and to ask him about issues and events that are important to you.  The meeting will be at Rasmussen College, 3500 Federal Drive, Eagan.  There will be a social session at 6:15 PM and the meeting will begin at 6:30.  You can get additional information by calling Diane Anderson at 651.688.9461 or by going to this Facebook link:  

Recommended Links for SD52 Republicans

These web sites are reliable sources of information on Minnesota politics.  They feature insights on economic, social and educational issues that might be different from what you find in our local media.

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