April 2019 Newsletter

Senate District 52 Republicans Newsletter -April 2019

Dakota County Republicans – We are expanding the scope of this newsletter to include more information about politics at the local level in Dakota County.  We will be including notices of meetings, elections and other events.  Our goal is to encourage active participation by well-informed citizens.  In the near future we will update our web site to include schedules for a variety of local events, including the meeting of city councils, school boards and various committees and commissions.
And at the State Level – Minnesota has many state boards, councils and committees that need the participation of active and informed citizens.  Take a look at the list of vacancies at this link and see if you have any interest:


Energy Issues at the Local Level

We frequently write about energy issues.  Those of you who are customers of Dakota Electric have an opportunity to directly impact the management of your electric utility services.  Dakota Electric has just mailed ballots for its Board of Directors.  Greg Oxley is a candidate who should merit your support.  You can learn more about him at this link:


Are you eager to pay more of your “fair share”? – The link below has a nice summary of the DFL’s plans for tax changes:


A Humorous Lesson on Taxes and Economics – The paragraph above had some grim news.  The video at the link below provides some real insight on how our tax system works – and it is funny:


Citizen’s Comments – We are introducing a new section to our newsletter so that Senate District 52 residents can express their opinions on current events.  Let us know if you would like to make some comments.  This month we are featuring Jerry Bretoi of Inver Grove Heights.

Here we are in another “off” year in the political Arena, but the truth is there is no “off” year. We must keep ourselves aware of the progressive agenda, informed of its detrimental activities, and we must ensure that our core activists stay involved and energized. Those who are not activists are finally starting to wake up and pay attention. We must recruit them, inform them and help them catch up so that they may also become active and engaged to further build on our foundation. Our President Donald J Trump may occasionally be rough, outspoken and even misspoken, but he has prevented the disaster that Hillary would certainly have brought about in her attack on our Liberty. We must help him push back on the Progressive agenda.

Recommended Links for SD52 Republicans

These web sites are reliable sources of information on Minnesota politics.  They feature insights on economic, social and educational issues that might be different from what you find in our local media.


Please spread the word

We need to work to spread the Republican message and to make Minnesota Red – Please share this newsletter with your friends and relatives in Senate District 52.

If this newsletter has been forwarded to you and you want to be on our mail list go to our Website and sign up:


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