Jason Lewis is Our Guy

The following is a message from Keith Downey.

Jason Lewis is the Republican-Endorsed candidate, and for VERY good reason!

Vote for Jason in the primary, Tuesday, August 9th!

Or vote early, click here for instructions >>>

After the largest Republican caucus turnout in history, the 2nd Congressional District Republicans representing those caucus-goers endorsed Jason Lewis at their convention.

And for good reason…Jason Lewis is the strongest candidate and draws the clearest, sharpest contrast with radical Angie Craig!

At the time, Darlene Miller’s campaign manager blasted the Republican endorsement process and insulted Republicans in a memo to supporters, a strange way to start asking for Republicans’ votes in the primary:

“Jason Lewis won the endorsement. So what.
“The endorsement now has very little effect on the Republican primary”
“Currently, the endorsement process is not capable of winning primaries”
“Disappointingly, the Republican Party brand is badly tarnished”

Now trailing Jason badly in the polls, the Miller campaign is apparently trying to make it look like she is the Party’s candidate with these phrases in a recent memo:

“the Republican Party and Darlene Miller”
“Republican Darlene Miller”

To be clear, Jason Lewis is the Republican Party’s endorsed candidate and has a huge lead. And if Miller wishes to earn the support of 2nd District Republicans, she needs to explain her close ties to national Democrats:

Miller was Michelle Obama’s State of the Union box guest right next to Martin O’Malley.

And Miller joined Bill Clinton on stage at a Clinton Global Initiative event

Darlene Miller may be running in the Republican primary, but our choice is Republican-Endorsed Jason Lewis!

Vote for Jason Lewis Tuesday, August 9th! 

Or vote early, click here for instructions >>>

Prepared and Paid for by the Republican Party of Minnesota
Keith Downey, Chair
Not Authorized By Any Candidate or Candidate’s Committee
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Jason Lewis Campaign website link

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