52B Chair Update and Thank You

To:  HD 52B Precinct Leaders, Delegates and Alternates,

First off, I am sincerely grateful for the time and effort you have all invested for the betterment of the MN GOP and the values our party stands for.  From organization at the precinct level in preparation for the Super Tuesday caucus, up to those who attended the state convention in Duluth and at every level in between. The unprecedented level of involvement we have seen, the undeniable enthusiasm we have felt at the grassroots in Minnesota is both real and exciting. . . But it is also due, in no small part, to the efforts of each one of you over the past months.  You recognized the importance of our community, Minnesota and our country taking a step in the right direction toward the primary and general election ahead and you gave of your time and yourself for that cause – For that, I am truly grateful.

Moreover, your willingness to participate in the delegate process of vetting and endorsing candidates for public office is appreciated more than you know. This is the essence of free people standing up and participating in the republican (small r) form of government the founders provided in the US Constitution.  You may recall at the SD 52 endorsing convention Mark Misukanis (now SD 52 endorsed senate candidate) referring to the legislative process akin to making sausage.  The process of delegate selection starting at the precinct level and proceeding steps culminating at the national convention I would equate to that same sausage making analogy. Sometimes it’s a little messy and perhaps a bit confusing but in the end there is a result that we can all get behind and push forward.

A couple of statistics that you may find of interest.  The 2016 House District 52B precinct caucus produced 908 attendees.  My understanding is that presidential election year caucus numbers in 52B are typically 300 to 350.  Of those 908, 68% of the registrations were new people. That means that they (the 68%) had not attended in the last 6 years.   And many of those folks I have spoken to post caucus have indicated that they want to get involved.

Moving Forward

So, now we are tasked to move forward with supporting campaigns in many ways, both small and large.  We have leaders already engaged and active.  Curt Ellingboe (IGH precinct 4 chair) has engaged the other precinct chairs laying out a list of goals that provides some clarity on the opportunities we have to be involved and make a difference.  In fact, some of you have already taken up that challenge – Jason Krogerson (IGH P7) is active in Regina Barr’s (House District 52B) campaign – John Nelson (IGH P8) has reached out to Jack Dwyer to get involved at Jason Lewis’s CD 2 campaign – Sally English and Ozzie Nelson (Sunfish Lake) are planning a fundraiser for the Jason Lewis for Congress campaign – And these are just a few examples.  However you can contribute please let us know.  You can reply to this email or go to the BPOU website http://sd52gop.org/  , click on “Contact Us” and leave a message.

If you are still reading thank you!!!!  I know you are busy and I want to respect your time.

Precinct Leaders

One of things you can do right now is to help update the precinct contact lists.  If we can provide valid data to the campaigns up front that makes their job easier to identify and communicate to likely voters.  In our precinct chair meeting last week I offered to transmit the respective precinct list to the precinct leaders.   The idea is to call the folks who did not provide email addresses and update as the information is provided.  This  does not have to happen overnight.  Please consider helping out to validate the lists.

And finally,  here is the latest update from the Minn House Republican Caucus http://sd52gop.org/2016/06/gov-dayton-holds-tax-relief-bill-hostage-latest-update-minn-house-republican-caucus/ regarding Gov. Dayton holding the tax relief bill recently passed by the legislature.


Talk to your neighbors, talk to your in- laws, talk to your family members.  Let’s get out the vote!!!!!!!  

Calendar Reminder: 

June 16, 7 pm.  Gateway Christian Church   Special Guests:  Details can be viewed at the BPOU website:  http://sd52gop.org/2016/05/updates-next-52a52b-combined-meeting-june-16-special-guests/

  • August 18 BPOU picnic    Details will be forthcoming.

Kevin Sethre  HD 52B chair

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