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This Week In Pictures: September 28 – October 2 MNGOP.org

Paulsen and Emmer

Sponsored Legislation To Improve ACA

Employer Definition Passes Congress

Legislation passed both the House and Senate that would “give states the option to define their small group size, rather than the one-size fits-all national standard definition.”

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Huge Hike In MNsure Rates Unveiled For


“Minnesotans who use the state’s health exchange to buy medical insurance are in for some sticker shock.The Minnesota Department of Commerce announced Thursday monthly premium rates for MNsure users ranging from 14 percent to a whopping 49 percent.”

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Hillary’s Email Timeline Receives


“New questions have arisen in light of The Washington Post’s report that the State Department confirmed that the triggering event to seek Clinton’s e-mails was the congressional investigation into the 2012 Benghazi attacks that left four Americans dead.”

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Minneapolis City Council Considers

Ordinance That Will Hurt Businesses And

Workers Alike


Photo: City Pages

“[T]he Minneapolis City Council is proposing an ordinance that could very well change the restaurant industry as we all know it, and small restaurateurs are calling foul. In fact, some are saying that if the ordinance is passed, they will be forced to take their business elsewhere — to St. Paul, or perhaps even to other states. That is, they say, if they don’t go out of business first.”

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4 Admissions Made Under Oath By

Planned Parenthood President

“Tuesday’s House Oversight and Government Reform Committee hearing on the taxpayer funding of Planned Parenthood was interesting…[t]he real value of the hearing was that, unlike when Richards appears on TV, this time she was under oath. That yielded several admissions.”

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U Of M Purchased Fetal Tissue From Firm

Mentioned In Undercover Videos

Photo: University of Minnesota

“Alpha News reported on Monday that the University of Minnesota conducted research using fetal pancreas, lungs, thymus and livers purchased from Advanced BioScience Resources, Inc. (ABR) spanning from 2008-2014.”

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Bus Firms Owned By MnDOT

Commissioner  Receive State Grant

Photo: Star Tribune

“Two bus companies owned by Minnesota Transportation Commissioner Charles Zelle received nearly all of the state subsidies for rural bus routes in 2013, the first year the state offered funding for the intercity bus program.”

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CNBC Announces Participation Criteria

Of Debate

Photo: AP

“National polls will be used to determine a candidate’s eligibility and placement on the stage. To be eligible to appear in either segment, a candidate must have at least 1% in any one of the methodologically sound and recognized national polls conducted by: NBC, ABC, CBS, Fox, CNN and Bloomberg, released between September 17, 2015 and October 21, 2015.”

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Good Luck!

Photo: Twin Cities In Motion

Good luck to everyone participating in the Twin Cities Marathon this weekend!

~ Republican Party of Minnesota
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